I knew Muhammad Ali for many years having met him in Boston in 1964 when I was a young student at Boston University. I followed his career and over the years came to know the Real Ali. I had the good fortune of traveling with him and promoting several charitable events which he gratefully and graciously supported and attended. He was truly a great human being and touched the lives of everyone with whom he came into contact. He left his imprint on the world in ways far surpassing just the limited arena of boxing. He was a Giver in the true sense of the word and loved God and his fellow man. His “I am the Greatest” routine was just an act to entertain the public and in reality he was a meek and humble man who gave his all to making the world a better place not only for his own race but for people of all races, creeds and colors. Ali was an extraordinary athlete, an entertainer, a poet and a heavyweight clown who made us all laugh at him and with him.

This poem below I wrote and dedicated to the Champ as a tribute to capsulize his life in words that could never tell the whole story about this Great man. I wrote a book “Saved By The Bell” under the Divine inspiration of The Lord and the true story of Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) and his contribution to mankind is contained therein for all to see. There will never be another Muhammad Ali. ALI Goes To Vietnam:

Many may not know this but in 1994 Muhammad Ali answered the call of POW/MIA family members and traveled secretly to Vietnam with my Let Freedom Ring, Inc. non-profit organization taking with him Albro Lundy and Carol Hrdlicka, relatives of 2 American USAF pilots last known alive as POWS in Vietnam/Laos. The Champ first attended a star studded POW charity benefit concert in Philadelphia as honored guest and then went in search of our missing American servicemen spending a week in Vietnam meeting with government officials and making a huge humanitarian impact as an ambassador of Good Will while building a bridge of friendship between our 2 nations and peoples.

Some POWS Still Survive and Col. David Hrdlicka, Carol’s husband was seen alive in captivity in 1969 and in the 1990’s classified documents and eye witnesses show. David would be in his 70’s now. Our government has left behind and abandoned American POWS writing them off as dead for reasons of political expediency and there is a cover-up on going to this day. You can learn the amazing untold true story of Capt. Albro Lundy, Sr. and Col. David Hrdlicka and the other 325 POWS last known alive in “Saved By The Bell” at America owes a debt of gratitude to our missing servicemen and to the Champ who answered the bell when called upon in the fight for their freedom. ~ Arnold Beizer

Photos L-R show Ali Poem – Ali meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam – Capture of POW Col. David Hrdlicka – Ali meeting with another Vietnamese official – the Champ with Albro Lundy son of missing pilot Albro Lundy Sr., and with Carol Hrdlicka in Hue Vietnam – Howard Bingham with Ali at airport on the way to Hanoi – Ali with Author Arnold Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring Inc.