Muhammad Ali Proclamation Let Freedom Ring

April 14, 1992

Muhammad Ali, World Champion, Champions the Cause of Freedom Around the World.

“The World is my home, and every country is only a room. All the people of all races and religions are my brothers and sisters.”

It is fitting that Americans of all races, creeds, colors and religions come together on May 20th, 1992 in the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate Freedom and to toll the Liberty Bell calling for the release of brothers and sisters held hostage around the World.  We are members of the one Family … the Family of God.  We are all God’s children.

Let’s Let Freedom Ring and let every man return to his own family.

Let’s declare a worldwide time of Jubilee and set the captives free at the Sound of the Bell.  I will be at the Academy of Music for the Let Freedom Ring Concert.

– Muhammad Ali


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