by Arnold Beizer

Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all times

Fought his way to the tot with his skill and his rhymes.

He remained boxing’s king of the world after /6 long years

And was far greater a fighter than all of his peers.

He fought the best and defeated them all

And even predicted the round some would fall!

Muhammad floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee;

He also invented the “snuffle” — a dance step he did free.

His jabs were as speedy as pistons in the days of the Liston;

His punches all landed while his opponents only missed ones.

For weapons, Ali had a left and a right that lashed out like a whit

And a tongue that earned him the title of the Louisville lip.

He was too quick for his opponents; for him they were no match.

He gave them no target to hit, and we was impossible to catch!

Ali would dart in and dart out – then dance up on his toes –

This strategy was all planned and it confounded his foes.

When boxers cornered him over here, Ali would pop up over there;

Some even swore they fought not one Ali, but a pair!

Some fighters bragged that “Ali could run but could not hide”…

But when they faced the champ in the ring, their hands might as well have been tied.

Muhammad circled his challengers all the while tattooing their ears,

And before they knew it, they found themselves decked on their rears!

In the beginning many loved him, but there were always some “hateists”,

But toward the end even they were convinced he was the greatest.

When he climbed into the ring you might hear a few jeers,

But as time went on he turned them to cheers.

Now his youth may have faded and taken with it some skills

Yet his memories will last forever and with them the thrills.

While his boxing gloves now aside have been tossed,

The legend ali has created will never be lost.

Yes, ali has retired and relinquished his crown,

But we’ll never forget that great heavyweight clown.

His place in world history is already assured

Because of the millions of hearts he’s caused to be stirred.

Arnold l. Beizer

PDF download: The greatest of all times poem by arnold beizer