Muhammad Ali’s Untold Secret Mission to Vietnam in search of missing POWS last known alive in Operation: Let Freedom Ring. Tom Monahan of Connecticut NewsMakers interviews attorney / author, Arnold L. Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring Inc., and Walter O’Reilly, a Vietnam Veteran and Director of POW MIA Affairs for the Let Freedom Ring organization. Col. David Hrdlicka was confirmed last seen alive in captivity in South East Asia – Laos and Maj. Albro Lundy with two other POWS also shown holding a sign dated May 25, 1990 (Photo LD-25-5-1990 NNTK ! L.B.C. 19) still alive in South East Asia. Mr. Beizer organized and sponsored the 1994 Humanitarian Mission to Vietnam headed up by three time Heavy Weight World Boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali, accompanied by life long friend and boxing photographer, Howard Bingham, Vietnam Affairs / interpreter, Bill Bell including POW family members; Albro Lundy Jr., and wife of Col. David Hrdlicka, Carol Hrdlicka. The Vietnam POW issue is: Some Still Survive. As documented in the recent book about Muhammad Ali’s Mission to Vietnam called Saved By The Bell – Muhammad Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom available at

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