This Veterans Day let U.S. remember our servicemen and salute our troops who are securing our safety as well as our POWs who have not yet returned home. Some Still Survive! Read all about it in the new book about Muhammad Ali Championing the Cause of Freedom for American POWS/MIAs.

“SAVED BY THE BELL” by Author Arnold L. Beizer tells the exclusive story of Ali’s historic visit to Vietnam with POW family members in Operation Let Freedom Ring.

Full of terrific photos and never before released heart warming stories about the Champ, Saved By The Bell gives a first time, first hand account of a man on a mission to tell the story of American POWs who were left behind after Operation Homecoming when the Vietnam War was declared over by then President Nixon and the U.S. Government. But “Peace with Honor” was never really attained. The evidence contained in the pages of Saved By The Bell is startling. The full truth of the intentional abandonment of our American war heroes is told with no holds barred.

Will Muhammad Ali who has been  fighting a disabling illness (thought to be Parkinson’s Syndrome) overcome his disabilities and be healed miraculously? Will the Champ speak out again like the celebrated and loquacious “Louisville Lip” he was once known to be?

Find Out in Saved By The Bell. Please pray for the Champ’s recovery. Nothing is impossible for the Lord!

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Bonus DVD included with Muhammad Ali Soliloquy never before made public.
Help bring our American servicemen home and join the fight for Freedom.