The Muhammad Ali Music video “Confirmation” – documents American POWs were abandoned after the Vietnam War (You can attribute this to John Kerry and John McCain for covering up the whole truth in their incomplete POW/MIA Senate Investigation). Some Still Survive!

The late great Philadelphia singer-songwriter John Whitehead famous for the Grammy nominated hit song “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” sings the “Confirmation” song. Arnold L. Beizer took Muhammad Ali and a contingent of POW Family members to Vietnam in search of answers to the plight of hundreds of American servicemen who were known to have been captured alive but who were never released by North Vietnam.

The U.S. government refused to pay war reparations due to POWs being tortured. Only 591 POWs were ever released and returned home. There is solid documentary evidence some left behind are still alive today.

See the facts and much more about Muhammad Ali’s Humanitarian service along with great stories and photos of the Champ in the new book “Saved By The Bell” by Author Arnold L. Beizer. A Bonus DVD with music videos and the exclusive Vietnam Ali visit documentary is included.

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