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Crest Mountain Pressin conjunction with Amazon Books announces that a new book about World Heavy Weight Champion Muhammad Aliis being released that will take “SAVED BY THE BELL” from the Top of the Mountains to the Ends of the Earth. SAVED BY THE BELL by author Arnold L. Beizer, a lifelong fan and long-time […]

Author Arnold Beizer

Arnold L. Beizer, originally from Hartford, Connecticut first met Muhammad Ali in 1963 when he was known as Cassius Clay. A devoted fan, Arnie followed Ali’s career from the early days when he became the Light Heavyweight Olympic Boxing Champion in 1960. Arnie grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and played sports in high school […]

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SAVED BY THE BELL – Book Preface

Like the legendary Babe Ruth who challenged the pitcher and an entire Chicago Cubs 1932 World Series team when he pointed to center field predicting that he would hit a home run there on the next pitch and then delivered on his promise, Muhammad Ali told the world he was the greatest and then […]

SAVED BY THE BELL – Book Forward By Carol Hrdlicka

I have known Arnold Beizer, the author of ‘Saved By The Bell’ since the early 1990’s when he promoted a celebrity charity benefit concert for POW/MIA family members. The event held at the Philadelphia Academy of Music was attended by Muhammad Ali and sponsored through Arnie’s non-profit organization, Let Freedom Ring, Inc. which donated […]

Rita, Israeli Superstar singer poses with Jay Leno

Rita, Israeli Superstar poses with Jay Leno March 22, 2014 at Jerusalem Theater. Jay Leno hosted the 2014 Genesis Award Ceremony where Rita was the featured singer

Jay Leno, iconic television personality on The Tonight Show hosted the Genesis Award ceremony event March 22 in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Theater sponsored by the Genesis Prize Foundation. […]

Get ready for TWELVE (12) GREAT ROUNDS

Get ready for TWELVE (12) GREAT ROUNDS in the life of the “Greatest of All Times.”

SAVED BY THE BELL is a book about one man’s attempt to follow Godly principles in his relationship to his fellow man, and how in the spirit of brotherly love, Muhammad Ali shared his abundance, personal wealth and love in […]