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Saved By The Bell – Muhammad Ali Book

Muhammad Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom

  • Saved By The Bell - Case Bound with Gold Leaf

Saved By The Bell – Muhammad Ali Book


Saved By The Bell is a heartwarming book about the life of Muhammad Ali – of his travels, trials, and tribulations. It tells how one day the Champ will overcome the physical and spiritual challenges he faces and in the final round be saved by the bell. An inspiring story told in pictures and shorts stories by author Arnold L. Beizer, it includes never before told details of Ali’s historic visit to Vietnam in search of American POWs/MIAs. Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom. Let Freedom Ring!

Product Description

As an insider with a keen perspective on the Real Ali, Arnold Beizer tells exciting and entertaining new stories of shared experiences over a lifetime with the Champ and includes exclusive first time ever published photographs he has taken with Ali over the years. The author presents all of the information in 12 rounds or chapters that lead up to the final bell and conclusion that just as Muhammad Ali regained his Heavyweight Crown after losing it, he will regain his speech and motor skills lost over time and will emerge victorious in battle over a long term illness that has inhibited his abilities to communicate like the loquacious “Louisville Lip” we once knew him as.


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