Muhammad Ali, a.k.a. Cassius Clay, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion  traveled to Vietnam in 1994 as part of “Operation Let Freedom Ring” in search of answers to the whereabouts of hundreds of American Servicemen last known alive in captivity in S.E. Asia and held as Prisoners Of War by North Vietnam.  Arnold L. Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring Inc., sponsored the Champ’s visit accompanied by POW/MIA family members.  Beizer, Author of “Saved By The Bell”- a new book release that chronicles Ali’s historic visit, tells the exclusive story of Ali the humanitarian, Championing the Cause of Freedom for the missing American servicemen.

“Saved By The Bell” tells the first-hand, inside story of the quest to find American POWS known to have been alive in captivity after Operation Homecoming in April 1973 when only 591 POWs were released by North Vietnam and returned home. The fate of the other POWS remained shrouded in mystery but uncovered evidence proves that some still survive! The real story is revealed with amazing rare photos, Classified documents and Top Secrets unveiled! It is told for the first time with no holds barred and no punches pulled. Muhammad Ali’s good will ambassador role in building a Bridge of Friendship between Americans and the Vietnamese people is explained in detail with great never before released collector photos and new heartwarming stories about the Peoples’ Champ.

While in Vietnam, Ali met with Vietnam heads of State, discussed the plight of American POWs with government officials, boxed in the ring with the entire Vietnam amateur boxing team, toured the countryside and helped the poor and handicapped people of the land. He told the leaders of Vietnam that “The World is my home and every country is a room…all the people of all races are my brothers and sisters.”

Chock-full of foreign intrigue, Ali special humor and insights into Ali’s service to others, the book includes a Bonus DVD with an entertaining audio Ali Soliloquy never before shared with the public. The Vietnam visit exclusive video footage is also included on the DVD as well as new inspirational music videos by Rita Israel’s renowned Queen of Song who performed for American POWS in a Benefit concert with Muhammad Ali as guest of honor. Will Muhammad Ali who is thought to have been afflicted and silenced for so long with the symptoms of Parkinson’s  syndrome be miraculously healed by the Lord? Will he speak out again with the voice of a trumpet like the loquacious “Louisville Lip” he once was, spreading the message of peace and freedom to the world? Find out in Saved By The Bell! at or order direct at

“The Let Freedom Ring delegation traveled to Vietnam with Muhammad Ali to help advance the cause of finding missing and last known alive American servicemen left behind after the war. As an ambassador of goodwill Muhammad Ali told Vietnamese officials, “the world is my home and every country is my room, all the people of all races are my brothers and sisters.  Ali bedazzled the Vietnam officials and people with his wit and his style performing magic tricks and sparring with youthful amateur boxers while in Hanoi.”