Arnold Beizer President of Let Freedom Ring Inc. has an untold, heartwarming mystery story about Muhammad Ali the Humanitarian that the whole world needs to know about. It involves a Secret Mission of the Champ to Vietnam in 1994 that went under the radar in order not to compromise the mission in search of the truth about American POWS/MIAS abandoned in S.E. Asia by our Government after the Vietnam War was declared over in 1973.  Hundreds of American POWS Last Known Alive in captivity may still be there waiting to come home. Since that time, every U.S. Administration has kept the matter of abandoned POWS under wraps by classifying the information so it would never be made public. This was to avoid political repercussions and fallout. Hundreds of American Servicemen were left behind and declared dead for political expediency when in actuality, SOME  STILL SURVIVE!

Arnold Beizer tells the whole amazing story of Muhammad Ali’s Secret Let Freedom Ring effort to uncover the truth in Vietnam/ Laos and much more about the Champ that heretofore has gone untold.

Muhammad Ali “Championed the  Fight for Freedom” for American POWS held in S.E. Asia after the war ended at the request of POW family members like Mrs. Carol Hrdlicka of Conway Springs Kansas and Albro Lundy lll of Hermosa Beach CA.  Attorney Arnold Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring, Inc. a Non-Profit Organization in 1994 planned and arranged a confidential mission to Vietnam with Ali and POW family members and personally subsidized the entire  undertaking out of his own pocket.

Carol’s husband USAF pilot Col. David Hrdlicka was captured alive in Laos in 1965 and seen alive as a prisoner in a cave in Laos by a Russian news correspondent in 1969 and again in the 1990’s according to key eyewitnesses and live sighting reports. Attorney Arnold Beizer, personally Interviewed Ivan Laboda, the Russian Journalist himself and Laboda confirmed his live sighting of Hrdlicka. The Dept. of Defense subsequently admitted this in writing to Carol but did nothing thereafter to find David.  Albro’s father, Major Albro Lundy Jr., a USAF pilot was seen parachuting alive from his damaged Skyraider plane on the day before Christmas 1970. Many captured POWS scraped coded messages in fields spotted by satellite reconnaissance.  Our government debunked these facts to bury the Truth. There is an abundance of evidence and testimony however documenting s that some American POWS survived after the war.

Albro and Carol say it is time that Ali gets the recognition he deserves for his Service to Others and his invaluable assistance to the POW/MIA cause that the mass media has for the most part ignored and the government has covered up for decades. I know it would have been Muhammad Ali’s last wish that his efforts on behalf of the POWS not be in vain. Now with much of the heretofore Classified Top Secret POW/MIA intelligence being unsealed, it’s high time and the right time for the mass media to act as a WATCH Dog of government instead of a LAP Dog and to get to the bottom of this Untold Story of Muhammad Ali Fighting for Freedom of American Servicemen in S.E. Asia. Ali would have wanted it this way. Let US honor his memory by remembering our POWS. The Champ told me he wanted them to be Saved By The Bell.