Hear Muhammad Ali “Rare” Soliloquy audio Part 2 of 2 recorded by Author, Arnold Beizer at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence Rhode Island in 1979.

Muhammad Ali “Rare” audio: “See people, you don’t realize what’s happening. Yeah, right there I was combing my hair, talking the poetry…You know, there’s a lot of people that love poetry. There’s a lot of poets in the world. So what I’m trying to say, all this stuff I put together over the years…

“Because I know what people want, I know what attracts them… I AM THE GREATEST, I’M PRETTY… Everybody wanna be pretty. Everybody wanna be successful. Everybody wanna believe they’re somebody. Everybody feels that need they either like me for it or hate me for it and before you know, you gotta big crowd!”

“Suppose you were the world’s greatest anything. You are the world’s greatest garbage man. You’d be a great man. There’s a lot of garbage men. If you were the world’s greatest prostitute, you’re a hell of a prostitute, the world’s oldest profession. If you were the world’s greatest doctor, that’s a hell of a doctor. To be known as the world’s greatest writer, wouldn’t it be a compliment if you could reach that level one day where you would be recognized by all people of the world. Huh?”

“I am the greatest” (shouts a fan to Ali) “But you gotta prove it though!” (Ali retorts)

“So, I am telling you, the world’s greatest fighter, that’s a hell of a title. The world’s greatest boxer and what he looks like… he’s pretty, you mean a boxer? With this nose, mouth and eyes, a man’s been fighting now for twenty-five years? Let me tell you one thing about me. I never turn the press down. I talk to the press until they get tired of hearing, because I’m not talking to the press; I’m talking to millions of people.”