Attorney Arnold L. Beizer, author of “SAVED BY THE BELL” an insider’s new book about Muhammad Ali, will attend the 2nd Annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards Presentation in Louisville, KY on September 27.

The Muhammad Ali Center’s latest initiative, Generation Ali, fosters a new generation of leaders to contribute to their communities with positive change for a better world.

These global awards are given as inspiration for people to continue to do great things in their communities and internationally being presented to young people for their innovative social justice work in six core principle areas: Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect and Spirituality.

Muhammad Ali is a great humanitarian and he is honoring those who in service to others can make a difference in the world. In addition to this year’s recipients Cleveland Browns running back and Hall of Famer Jim Brown, will receive a Lifetime Achievement award for his dedication to civil rights.

In the new Muhammad Ali book, Mr. Beizer recounts Ali’s humanitarian efforts over the years, and recalls his visit to a Children’s Hospital where the Champ wouldn’t leave until he had a chance to visit every bed and until every child was cheered with spirits uplifted.

Arnold Beizer has known Muhammad Ali for decades and has promoted charitable events attended by the Champ. Arnold Beizer’s Let Freedom Ring, Inc. sponsored Ali’s visit to Vietnam together with POW/MIA family members of Vietnam War servicemen in search of information about their loved ones known to have been captured and last known alive in captivity. In addition to their Vietnam mission was the offering of a “Bridge Of Friendship” to bring healing between two countries torn by the unfortunate circumstances of war.

The author thanks his hero and friend, Muhammad Ali, for living an exemplary life and for the many lessons he taught about living our lives in service to others. As the song goes, “He Touched Me” and wherever he went Ali touched the lives of people and left an indelible impression.

SAVED BY THE BELL is a story of perhaps the world’s greatest humanitarian on a journey in life, interrupted by a speech impediment caused by a mysterious and sudden loss of motor skills some have attributed to Parkinson’s Syndrome. Has Muhammad Ali lost his speech irretrievably?

Find out!

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