A Muhammad Ali Biography Collectors Book with Rare Photos and New Revelations.. This Saved By The Bell Ali Collector’s edition makes a great gift for any sports fan or history buff. You will be inspired with new insights into the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, the Greatest Boxer of All Times, Muhammad Ali. Saved By The Bell is a heartwarming look into the life of Muhammad Ali – of his travels, trials and tribulations. It tells how one day the Champ will overcome the physical and spiritual challenges he faces and in the final round be saved by the bell.

Muhammad Ali’s inspiring story is told in vivid pictures and short vignettes by author Arnold L. Beizer. It includes never before told details of Ali’s historic visit to Vietnam in search of American POW/MIAs. Muhammad Ali Champions the Cause of Freedom. Let Freedom Ring!

  • Were American POWS left behind in Southeast Asia and do Some Still Survive?
  • A book full of Ali humor, great photos of the Champ, new revelations and predictions.

As an insider with a keen perspective on the Real Muhammad Ali, Arnold Beizer shares exciting and entertaining new stories and experiences over a lifetime with the Champ including exclusive photographs he has taken with Muhammad Ali over the years. The author presents it all in 12 rounds or chapters that lead up to the final bell. Muhammad Ali regained his Championship Crown after losing it. Will he regain impaired speech and motor skills and emerge victorious over a long term illness believed to have been caused by Parkinson’s disease? Will he be awarded a new Crown of Glory? Find Out!

Read all about the heart of a Champion. There will never be another quite like the Champ.