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Muhammad Ali Original Vintage Pinball Machine

Muhammad Ali Original Vintage Pinball Machine For Sale on eBay
Arnold Beizer Author of “Saved By The Bell” a great new book about Muhammad Ali has a Vintage Ali Pinball Machine for sale as part of his Rare Muhammad Ali Memorabilia Collection.
Watch the video here of the Ali Pinball in action and share with your […]

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Watch live: Muhammad Ali funeral procession

The funeral for Muhammad Ali is being held in Louisville, one week after the boxing legend died at the age of 74.

Follow here for live coverage of the activities, starting with the funeral procession through the city beginning at 9:30 a.m. ET. Our anchored coverage of the procession will appear in the top video […]

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Muhammad Ali’s Untold Secret Mission to Vietnam: Operation “Let Freedom Ring”

Muhammad Ali Untold 1994 Secret Mission to Vietnam

Arnold Beizer President of Let Freedom Ring Inc. has an untold, heartwarming mystery story about Muhammad Ali the Humanitarian that the whole world needs to know about. It involves a Secret Mission of the Champ to Vietnam in 1994 that went under the radar in order not to compromise the mission in search of […]

The Greatest of All Times Poem

by Arnold Beizer

Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all times
Fought his way to the tot with his skill and his rhymes.
He remained boxing’s king of the world after /6 long years
And was far greater a fighter than all of his peers.
He fought the best and defeated them all
And even predicted the round some would fall!
Muhammad […]



I knew Muhammad Ali for many years having met him in Boston in 1964 when I was a young student at Boston University. I followed his career and over the years came to know the Real Ali. I had the good fortune of traveling with […]

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Pray for Muhammad Ali Psalm 103:2-3

Pray for Muhammad Ali Psalm 103:2-3 – A Psalm of David > “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth thy diseases (illnesses).”

Once when I was visiting Muhammad Ali at his home in Berrien Springs Michigan, I told the Champ “You are the Greatest” […]

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Muhammad Ali Kindle eBook “Saved By The Bell” Now Available!


A New Kindle eBook by Arnold Beizer titled “Saved By The Bell” about Muhammad Ali Championing the cause of Freedom is now available on for immediate download. This terrific Muhammad Ali eBook includes the same exclusive Muhammad Ali stories and photographs as the beautiful leather-bound Collectors’ Limited Edition which is also available on
The Muhammad Ali […]

Muhammad Ali Rare Audio

Muhammad Ali Rare Audio, “Everything wants to go up, everything wants to learn. Everything wants to rise up. Everything wants knowledge, so I study knowledge. I study wisdom and have taken that knowledge and wisdom and have used it in boxing.” “God built that inclination into man because by wanting to learn and seeking […]

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Muhammad Ali Visits Vietnam Part 2

The Muhammad Ali Music video “Confirmation” – documents American POWs were abandoned after the Vietnam War (You can attribute this to John Kerry and John McCain for covering up the whole truth in their incomplete POW/MIA Senate Investigation). Some Still Survive!

The late great Philadelphia singer-songwriter John Whitehead famous for the Grammy nominated hit song […]

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