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“Saved by the Bell” by Arnold Beizer is a great book about the Greatest, Muhammad Ali. The book is packed with wonderful photos and details not seen in print anywhere else. “Saved By The Bell” is filled with delightful stories about the Champ and a very interesting read.
Sharon Licht, Hilton Head, South Carolina
If you are a Muhammad Ali fan then you definitely need to have this book. It gives new details of Ali’s life and career with extraordinary glimpses of the Champ from other people (fans like you and me) who had the unique chance to meet him face to face. This is a good buy.
Susan Gordon, E. Hampton, CT
For those who want to know about the real Ali, I recommend “Saved By The Bell” by Arnold Beizer. It offers far more about this wonderful humanitarian than just history, facts and figures about his renowned boxing career but in addition explores the spiritual side of the man, his humility and service to others. 
Jim Walker, Dana Point, CA

Book Reviews

Saved by the Bell written by Arnold Beizer gives the ordinary man a peek inside of the private life and thoughts of Muhammad Ali. We all know who Muhammad Ali was, what battles he fought, what titles he won, but here we learn there was much more to the man than a boxer. In fact, Ali’s humanitarian side is revealed. His service to mankind is chronicled including specific details on his attempts to bring home American POWs-MIAs, his visits to the under privileged, the sick and wounded and more.

The author combines images of Ali and actual documentation of Ali’s life that support the unfolding story. In the end, Ali faces the biggest test of his life and the author is standing side by side with Ali to help him cross the finish line. It’s an ending for each of us no matter how famous, how wealthy, or how we live our daily lives.

The seriousness of the story is complemented by Ali’s humorous side so the reading is easy. We all know Ali will stand the test of time and that his pugilistic skills are beyond compare. This story goes beyond that and may provide the greatest victory for the greatest fighter we have known. The voice will be loud and clear again for all to see and hear. Join me in sending the prayers up for Ali because the world needs the ‘Louisville Lip’ to spread the good word. There is much work to be done and little time.


A fantastic book of Ali’s inside life experience as never related before by the general media or sports world. The author provides a first hand detailed accoutning of Ali’s true huge heart commitment to humanitarian causes & going far beyond the call of duty to genuinely wanting to help his fellow men… We all know Ali’s greatness inside the ring & quite possibly being the finest athlete and self promoter of our generation. What the champ has done outside the ring with his bigger than life heart, quantifies his unparalleled greatness.
Marvin M. Lebovitz, Moves Magazine


“Attorney Arny Beizer sets forth in exquisite detail the story of one man’s fight against the world and the forces which limit and imprison the common man.  But the subject of Mr. Beizer’s expose is no common man but the extraordinary, completely uncommon Champion of the World, Muhammad Ali.  The personal insight and incisive understanding Mr. Beizer provides into the man, the myth and the legend of Ali on his quest to continue to right the wrongs of this world inspires one to follow that same path, trusting in God and His Spirit to guide you.  Arny Beizer delights you with an entertaining tale of Ali and his retinue seeking to discover the truth behind the missing men, the prisoners of war, in Vietnam and if God wills, bring them home.”

“Saved By The Bell” tells it like it is and doesn’t pull any punches!

Thank you to Muhammad Ali for Championing the cause of Freedom for American POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War and highlighting their plight.

This intriguing true story is told with new insights and revelations in Muhammad Ali’s “Saved By The Bell” book which is also full of other heartwarming and entertaining stories in the life of this great American World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

“Saved By The Bell” gives an in depth look into the fact that American servicemen were abandoned by their government, thoroughly documenting with proof in the form of incontrovertible evidence that POWs were left behind after the war in S.E. Asia! The search for truth must go on.

The American people have been mislead and lied to by their government that has covered up the real facts for decades concerning what happened to the men left in captivity. With all the new scandals now unraveling in Washington about Government gone amuck, it’s not hard to believe that Senators John Kerry, Committee Chairman, and John McCain, committee member, of the 1992 Senate Select Committee Hearings on POW/MIAs not only dropped the ball in their white wash of the POW/MIA investigation but they ignored critical evidence and covered up the fact that some POWs still survive! As the wife of Col. David L.Hrdlicka, USAF who was captured alive in Laos in 1965 and tracked through the 1990’s with live sighting reports, what Author Arnold Beizer reported in his book is a true account of the plight of our men and is an easy read.

America please buy this book and send a message to the authorities responsible for leaving our American Heroes behind. You can join forces with Muhammad Ali and the families of captured and missing Americans, to help fight the good fight for freedom of my husband and the hundreds of others who our government wrote off for dead when they were last known to be alive and in the hands of the enemy. Let Freedom Ring! Help bring them home.

Carol Hrdlicka, wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka(POW) - Conway Springs, KS

A Word from Walter B. O’ Reilly

I am a Vietnam Veteran and retired New York City police officer. I have known Arnold Beizer, the author of ‘Saved By The Bell’ since the early 1990’s when I was Chairman of the Board of the National Forget-Me-Not Association and National Director of Special Events. Arnie sponsored and promoted a charity benefit concert in 1992 at the Philadelphia Academy of Music for the POW/MIA families attended by Muhammad Ali and through his non-profit organization Let Freedom Ring, Inc. donated proceeds to POW/MIA family organizations. Thereafter, we worked together to shed light on the abandonment of American POWs in Vietnam.

I accompanied Arnie to Israel in 1996 to investigate live sighting reports of Col. David Hrdlicka-USAF pilot captured in Laos May 18, 1965 and “Last Known Alive” in captivity. At the request of Carol Hrdlicka, David’s wife of Conway Springs, Kansas, we interviewed Ivan Loboda, a former Russian Pravda war correspondent who emigrated from Russia to Jerusalem after the Vietnam War. Ivan Loboda had first hand eye-witness information about Col. David Hrdlicka and other American pilots being held captive in Laos in 1969 but the U.S. government neglected to properly investigate these facts.

It was thought that David would be returned in Operation Homecoming in 1973 when 591 fellow POWs were released by their North Vietnamese captors. There is documentation of our government acknowledging David’s imprisonment and first hand accounts of live POWs seen by reconnaissance and of some posting signs and symbols in the jungles hoping to be rescued and returned home.

Carol and other POW family members like her had their requests for government documents and concerns about the whereabouts of their missing and captured family members ignored. David’s family as well as other families of American POWs and MIAs deserve the truth. The POW/MIA families are indebted to Muhammad Ali for championing the cause of freedom and for helping U.S. get to the truth about American POWs and MIAs who served their country in the Vietnam War and were left behind in captivity.

Some Still Survive! SAVED BY THE BELL tells their story and how Muhammad Ali has helped to bring light to their plight despite personal illness that has posed obstacles for him. Muhammad Ali is truly the Peoples’ Champ for his service to others.
The fight goes on…….

~ Walter B. O’ Reilly, Vietnam Veteran and retired New York City police officer
A “must read” for Ali fans. Muhammad Ali has always played a large part in my life. This book gave me a fresh perspective on his achievements and his beliefs. The stories are wide-ranging and informative. All of them gave me a deeper, more rounded insight into a man that I viewed with awe. I started the book seeing Ali as some kind of distant super hero and ended it seeing him as a warm, caring human being.”
Ali Fan, Reader


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